I have always loved salty snacks and these are perfect for that salty craving. So easy to make and if you want to make a salad more interesting then chopping these up and sprinkling them on to the dish will make it so much better. Too much salt is definitely not healthy so these aren't made too often. But they are still so good! Such a treat. Here's how they are made:

Who doesn't love a good statement piece on their walls? This definitely is and you can write any quote or saying you want. I think it looks so good yet not much effort was needed. And that's how I like it, haha. The thing I also love about this is that you can use any paper you want. From books, magazines and even glitter paper. So many options and you can make a letter garland for different events.

I have always been a huge fan of ketchup. It is at the top of my list but it's not the best thing ever because hummus and guacamole is just.. another level. But ketchup is amazing! I would like to avoid the sugar. This recipe is super easy to make and I think it's actually better than the regular because this has an amazing fresh taste. 

3 big tomatoes 
A small handful of soaked sundried tomatoes (overnight or a couple of hours)
3 fresh pitted dates
Fresh basil (to desired taste)
Fresh oregano (to desired taste)
A couple of slices red onion 

All you do is blend up all the ingredients and add the spices to desired taste. Start off with a bit and then add more and more until you have the taste you want. Store it in the fridge for 4-5 days. You can also freeze it and then take it up when you need it 

Love from Cami

So, I don't really have pictures of the process when I made this but it is pretty easy to do. It was more to show that anything you find can be turned into a cool picture frame even if it's fabric. T-shirts, table cloths, or just scrap fabric pieces. 
Cut the fabric a bit bigger than the glass and cut it out. Put the glass into the frame, then the fabric and lastly secure it with the back piece of the frame. This is easiest to do with fabric that doesn't roll up. Otherwise pretty much any fabric can be used as long as the frame is deep enough so both the glass, the fabric and the back can fit into it. 
It would look super cool if you found a large piece of patterned fabric and but it up to fit smaller, different looking frames and hung them in a gallery effect. I just happened to find this super cool quote on a T-shirt that I didn't mind not wearing and turned it into a frame:

As some of you know I am vegan and have been avoiding animal products for a very long time now. And other than being vegan I also avoid gluten and refined sugar. And in general just overly procesed foods. And now you may ask 'What do you even eat then?' Well I actually have a series about that and here is just some of the amazing things I eat - Check it out here.
But this is about the changes I have been feeling and seeing since ditching the meat, dairy and eggs  (and honey) so let's get into it:

My hair grows faster and I have stronger nails
Before I went vegan my hair was very thin and my nails would breaks very easily. Since going vegan my hair and nails have only gotten stronger. Especially when adding more veggies and fruit in to my diet.

I have a clearer skin and less breakouts
I have for many years suffered from acne. Going vegan and again, eating more fruit and veggies has helped a lot. I still get some breakouts when I'm on my period, when I'm a bit stressed or have eated processed foods but they go away a lot faster than before. But I am so happy with my skin. 

I have a better digestion
I just feel good. I am not bloated and I don't have this heavy feeling inside that I would have before. Goind vegan definitely helped me feeling cleaner on the inside if that makes sense. Again lots and lots of fruits and veggies in my everyday food. You will not understand this unless you have tried it. I will never go back.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The colors of the leaves are absolutely georgeous so I thought why not pair them with an amazing quote? I love the gold letters and the red leaves together. Fall is the time to let your worries do the same thing as leaves; fly away. 
You can choose whatever quote speaks to you, go on a leaf hunt and start creating. This would look so good with a lot of different (old) frames together in different sizes and quotes. Definitely fall ready! So without any further ado let's get into how to make it. Or should I say fly into it, haha.

Like Miey Cyrus sings in her new song Younger Now 'Change is a thing you can count on', change is a big part of our lives. It is impossible not to experience any changes. These are just changes I have taken into my own hands. Why you might ask? Because I want to. 'I really didn't ask but ok..' Well sorry, you got the answer anyway..

1. Social Media Backdown
It is a habit. Without even thinking about it I reach for my phone. I find myself scrolling and scrolling and scrolling without getting anywhere. Hours suddently gone - that's a thing I want to change. Look up into the world instead of down at my phone.

More specifically:
Deleted Snapchat
- I'm not really a fan of the app so why have it? If I want to contact my friends I can write a message on messenger. To me it's a big waste of time and I have never had that feeling of 'oh I need to snapchat this' because why?

Deleted the Facobook app from my phone
- I don't see any reasons to have it on my phone at all. I don't really use Facebook other that my own page and to engage with my friends. Also, I could actually see myself deleting my Facebook completely sometime in the future.

Turn off the notifications on all apps
- I don't want to have any notifications at all. It is so easy to keep scrolling after you got a notification of someone liking one of your Instagram pictures and that's the thing I want to change. To stop the mindless never ending scrolling. By turning of notification I myself choose when I go check an app. And I check it if I have a purpose.

I have also deleted Pinterst, Goodreads, Tumblr and Youtube from my phone.

I have also unfollowed all the accounts that does not.. make me happy, add something to my life and accounts that does not inspire me.

What have I gained by doing this? Freedom. I feel liberated. I have more time to do things I want to do and that makes me very happy. I could see myself deleting more social media accounts in the future because it's amazing how free you feel. You should try it. 

2. Use tote bags
I bring tote bags with me everywhere. They are easy to throw in a bag, ready for when you need them. And as I have said before, way cuter that plastic bags because you can make your own design and do I have to mention that they are so much better for the environment? Stop buying plastic bags and make it a habit to bring these every time you shop. I like to bring a bunch in my favorite tote bag.

3. Walk (with my camera)
I never thought I would say this but I actually love walking. Sometimes with music in my ears and sometimes I just like the silence and listening to birds. Just a small walk can do wonders for your mood, your health and your motivation. A walk is also absolutely fantastic to clear your mind. Sometimes I also like to bring my camera to capture the beauty of nature

4. Be more in the moment
Stop worrying about the future! Everything will be okay. Focus on the now. What do I want to do right now? What is my body craving right now? What is my heart telling me right now? These are questions I ask myself and they have helped me alot as to figuring out what I want. And by turning down the social media I have been able to listen more to myself.

5. Gone into minimalism
I started clearing my clutter. And since then I've also become more concious of what I buy. Here you can also learn about some of the minimalistic changes I have made, which makes me save money and they have also made me happier. If you want to learn more about minimalism then check ou this post with minimalist videos you have to watch.

What kind changes would you like to make? 

Love from Cami

Bread is such an easy meal. All you gotta do it cut it into slices and throw on some toppings. So. Easy. And I absolutely love bread. But I am not a big fan of flour and gluten. Or more specifically my stomach is not a big fan. So instead I make these small rye bread and enjoy them with hummus, pesto or any other sauce topped with fresh veggies. Yum!

500g nuts and seeds 
  I used:
  100g sesame seeds
  100g flax seeds
  100g sunflower seeds
  100g roughly chopped almonds
  50g chia seeds
  50g rinsed quinoa
30g HUSK
5 dl water
½ dl coconut oil
A pinch of salt

In a bowl, mix 4 dl water and the HUSK together in a bowl and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl (including the last dl of water) and mix it together. Put them in small forms lined with baking paper and put them in the oven at 160C for about 60 minutes. Ready to enjoy! 

These glass jars used to be filled with apple juice. I just thought the jars were pretty cute and perfect for a vase. Looking around in my creative storage for what to do with them, I saw this lace trim and I was like Yes, this is perfect!
And then I had a vision. Well, I wouldn't say like a psychic vision where I saw the future or anything like that but just like.. a setup. A setup with two lace vases, with dark red roses, at either side of my Buddha head standing on some notebooks. Exaclty like the picture above. These vases are super easy to make with only two steps:

June 22nd was a very special day for me. It was the day I finally published my first ebook. An ebook I made with my mother and something we have spent a lot of time on. It started with a silly idea, turned into a plan and now something lots of people enjoy. Which I find absolutely amazing! This ebook may be the first but it is most certainly not the last...

If you are new to my blog and don't know anything about this ebook, it's called Raw Sweet Adventures with 21 absolutely amazing raw and sweet recipes. With ingredients easy to find they are always ready to be created and enjoyed!

Buy it now and you'll get 50% off + a special bonus recipe which is oh so amazing. 

Instead of 49DKK it is only 25DKK (under 4 dollars!!) - Find it in both English and Danish right here. This offer will last until October 31st so hurry up and get it now before it's too late!

These are just some of the amazing cakes and snacks you will find in the book. On the last picture you will see the bonus recipe which are probably my favorites not gonna lie.. So good!

Hey everyone! Welcome back or welcome if you haven't been here before. This is the first post I am posting with the new layout which is so exciting! I hope you love it as much as I do! That's also the reason why I haven't posted in a while. I wanted to wait until it was (almost - I just can't help myself) done, I have missed not posting. 

Small changes can make a big difference. Things you are ready to throw out can with some (small) changes become one of your favorite things. I was going to throw out this vase because I had another one but then I looked through my creative space and found these stick on stick on beads.
This is like the ion on patch T-shirt not a DIY but to show that thrift finds or things you wanna throw out can be upcycled to what ever needs you might have for it.

Love from Cami

If you can do something. Just a small tiny change then why wouldn't you? Because that small change can save lives. These are just some of the small changes I have made, some of them I have always done. And if you want to go all out and clear your clutter then check out my post right here

Use tote bags
Out with the plastic and in with the tote bags! Easy to throw in a bag and have ready for when it is needed. Also just a bit.. actually much cuter than plastic bags. At least that's what I think. And I think the planet agrees. 

Save glass jars for storage
I use glass jars in my creative storage but you can also use it in the kitchen to store nuts, seeds, pasta, anything really. Use then in your beauty space to store cotton swabs, cotton pads, bobby pins or again, anything really. You can also use then as vases like I did in the DIYs right here: Polka dot vase,

Thrift as much as you can
Thrifting, reusing and upcycling is something I am very passionate about. Everything besides my bed is basically thrifted and I love it. You can find the most amazing and unique things at thrift stores. Not only do you save a ton of money but you also help the planet. Here are some helpful thrifting tips

Give to thrift stores
Unless it is ruined or very very used I give it to thrift stores. Books, clothes, decorative items, everything. Also those glass jars can be thrifted. Why not let another person have the benefit instead of throwing it out?

Borrow books from the library
I have since I was little always borrowed books from the library. The I started buying books at the thrift store. Then I started buying books as new. Now I threw out (to the thrift store) over 100 books and have only a handful favorites. 

Love from Cami