I hope you are having a great December so far! So, I know that this is not exactly Christmasy but I just wanted to show it anyways because I think it looks super cute. You can always find some fake poinsettias flowers to make it more of a Christmas present. It is super easy to do and looks so cool. So let's get into how I did it:

Use any kind of gift wrap to wrap your present

Cut the flowers and the leaves off the stem

Glue the leaves and then the flowers on to the paper

And it is done!

See how I made this heart gift wrap by clicking right here (LINK)

Love from Cami

This year I have definitely gone more into minimalism and with that (I feel like) follows zero waste. And recently I have really tried to minimalize plastic in any way I can in my life. I have always loved ornaments but (almost) all of them are plastic - if you are going to get them please go to a thrift store, instead of buying them new, they have SO many.. at least here in Denmark they have. But, to eliminate that plastic I made these stars this year with branches found in nature and I absolutely love the rustic look. They are easy to make and of course really inexpensive. So let's get into it:

You will need branches and some twine:

Cut five branches into the same length and start creating a star shape by tying the ends together:
To secure it tie some string where the two branches overlap

Cut off the ends of the twine: 

And you have a star!

Love from Cami

We use so much paper! So. Much. And I can't even begin to imagine how much it must be at this time of year. Absolutely crazy. And yes, I have shared gift wrapping posts this year where I have used the ever so famous brown paper. I still think it looks good and I really think you can get creative with it. 

But I have also thought a lot about it and I would definitely use newspapers instead of wrapping paper to spare the world for the waste. And how do little me make a difference? Well, it has to start somewhere doesn't it? Otherwise there will never be changes. And do not underestimate what impact you have on the world. Because it might seem small but it is huge. We are all footprints on the world. What kind would you like yours to be? 

So, using newspapers I will, but there is also a lot of waste fabric at the thrift store and I thought about making a reusable gift bag. A bit cuter than the newspaper (not that I really care) and something that can be used over and over again. I actually made it into a tote bag so it's like a second gift. So find fabric at the thrift store and get sewing. You can even make smaller pieces of fabric into a bigger bag. That would look so cool! Let's get into it shall we:

Being a minimalist doesn't necessarily mean you have an empty wishlist. But it can be quite hard to find the perfect gift for someone even if they aren't minimalists. This post is really for anyone who needs a bit inspiration as to what to give to loved ones. An experience is always a good idea. Memories are the best gift you can give so why not? Here are some of my ideas:

Movie tickets
I absolutely love going to the movies. There is just something about sitting in those seats, in the dark watching a movie on the big screen with people you'll never see again. A gift card to the movies is always a good idea. It can just be a gift card to the movies but it can also be to a specific movie that they wouldn't necessarily choose themselves - but it shouldn't be too far off.. I would run if I got tickets to a horror movie.. 

I actually love sports but I never go. It's not that I don't want to it's just always easier to stay home. But nothing can beat the atmosphere of actually being there! That is not something you feel sitting behind the screen of the TV. I would also be open to sports that I don't usually watch. It's just something else actually being there than seeing it at home. 

Who would not love that? A massage is one of the best ways we can treat ourselves. People just never find the time nor the money to do so. So why not give it to them as a gift? There are tons of massages to choose from but a standard body massage can never go wrong!

A facial 
This is also a massage but here you also get masks and different skin treatments which is just so lux! If I'm honest this is probably my favorite way to treat myself because treating your skin treats your soul. The soft skin that feels so clean is just an amazing feeling!

Café visit
A visit to their favorite café or maybe even a new café because who doesn't want to try something new once in a while? Going to a café is also one of the best ways to treat ourselves. And it has never not been possible to get something vegan that it still amazing!

Write a letter
If you have a no buy rule where you don't give gifts to each other on birthdays and other events but still want to do something nice, a letter is always a good idea - or even if you don't have a no buy rule. Write how much you care about them, why you care and why you love your friendship. This is something that comes from the heart and is more valuable than any gift!

Gift cards 
I think that gift cards are always a good idea. Because you don't have to decide on something they might end up getting rid of and they can just choose themselves. The thing with gift cards is that they aren't really the most exciting thing to give.. they are rather flat - but displaying them in a cool way can definitely make it more exciting. You can put the gift card in a frame with pictures of you and your friend, or who you are giving it to, to make it extra special.

Love from Cami

I absolutely love the brown and the gold together and the ribbon just ties it all together (lol) and makes a perfect gift wrap. I liked this so much that I actually reused this and put it in one of my frames. I think it looks so sweet. 
So, there are two ways to do this. 1: You makethe hearts and glue them on to the paper and then you wrap your gift or 2: You wrap your gift and glue on the hearts, which is what I did right here: 

 Whap your gift in whatever paper you want to use.
 Cut out the hearts in the paper of your choice. 
 Place the hearts on to the gift and glue them on. 
 Finish off with ribbon. 

Love from Cami

I think that snacking and food is a bit part of Christmas. This is the time where people let themselves eat whatever they want which is most definitely not the best for them. So why not make something you can eat and eat which tastes just as amazing (if not more) and is better for your body. A healthy treat does most certainly not have to be boring. If you want to see more amazing treats that are easy to make then check out my ebook right here.

These are some of my all time favorite bombs. If you put a bit of orange zest or the juice of an orange then these will definitely taste like the danish 'havregryndskugle' which is just amazing and so christmasy. This is definitely a must try!

I found these bracelets at the thrift store and had this idea for a simple gift wrap which you can really get creative with. And who doesn't love that? I love using what I can find at the thrift store to make a present pop. I love the simple look of this wrapping but you can definitely spice it up with different elements and tie things to the ring. I think I'm definitely going to tie a to/form card on to the ring.

If you want to make a zero wate version of this you could totally use any kind of upcycled paper, like news paper or tissue paper and then make a ring out of small thin branches and some wire, use some biodegradable twine and then find some fir in nature - with that you can make the exactly the same gift wrap with a more nature look (of course).

Firstly you just wrap as you normally would.

Love from Cami

Cinnamon is just the absolute perfect Chrismas and winter spice (well other than pimpkin spice but then again, that's just more fall isn't it?) and apples.. well they're just amazing nomatter what degrees it is outside. So why not combine these into amazing bliss bites that are incredible to snack on! 

For these bad girls you will need: 
- 50g of almonds 
- 30g of cashews
- 20g dried apples
- 1 tsp. cinnamon
- 100g fresh, pitted dates 

Start by putting all the dry ingredients into a food processor and blend it up. Put in the dates and blend until you get a coherent (can you use that word with food??) consistency. Put them in the fridge for a couple of hours or just eat them right away if you can't wait.. I know I can't.

Love from Cami

December is finally here and we are starting it off by making this super cute wall decoration. If it looks familiar it is because I have recently shared how to make this - which you can see right here. But I just wanted to show how you can customize it and use it for different events - perfect for Christmas and one of you said in the comments - exactly! So find some string and paper in any shape or form and make this awsome garland! You could also make a smaller one to go on your Christmas tree.

Love from Cami

I have made a few Christmas calendars throughout the years. I have one of the most viewed posts on my blog which is this Christmas calendar using toilet paper rolls from 2014 - click here to see it. Then I also have a tea calendar which is perfect for the tea lover - click here to see how to make that one. Then I also have last year's calendar which is very similar to this year - click here for that DIY.

These calendars are perfect for a small calendar but the bags can be either made bigger or just use a regular bag to put your present in. But let's get into how to make this easy calendar, perfectly customizable.

See how to make the bags for this year's calendar right here.

Love from Cami

I have always loved salty snacks and these are perfect for that salty craving. So easy to make and if you want to make a salad more interesting then chopping these up and sprinkling them on to the dish will make it so much better. Too much salt is definitely not healthy so these aren't made too often. But they are still so good! Such a treat. Here's how they are made: