June 22nd was a very special day for me. It was the day I finally published my first ebook. An ebook I made with my mother and something we have spent a lot of time on. It started with a silly idea, turned into a plan and now something lots of people enjoy. Which I find absolutely amazing! This ebook may be the first but it is most certainly not the last...

If you are new to my blog and don't know anything about this ebook, it's called Raw Sweet Adventures with 21 absolutely amazing raw and sweet recipes. With ingredients easy to find they are always ready to be created and enjoyed!

Buy it now and you'll get 50% off + a special bonus recipe which is oh so amazing. 

Instead of 49DKK it is only 25DKK (under 4 dollars!!) - Find it in both English and Danish right here. This offer will last until October 31st so hurry up and get it now before it's too late!

These are just some of the amazing cakes and snacks you will find in the book. On the last picture you will see the bonus recipe which are probably my favorites not gonna lie.. So good!

Love from Cami

Hey everyone! Welcome back or welcome if you haven't been here before. This is the first post I am posting with the new layout which is so exciting! I hope you love it as much as I do! That's also the reason why I haven't posted in a while. I wanted to wait until it was (almost - I just can't help myself) done, I have missed not posting. 

This is super easy to do once you get the hang of how to sew it. You can use glue but I think you have better control with the needle which will give it a better finish. But it is super easy to attach. It's just a basic hand stitch - A running stitch: 
Cut a piece of thread. Tie a knot or two at the end. Put the other end through the needle. Place the flower trim on the collar and go through the layers with the needle from the back. Go back down. 
Now put the tip of the needle through the layers and then back down (like you would with a safety pin), pull the needle through the loop that it's creating (under the thread). 
Repeat a couple of times and now just go up and down attaching the trim to the neckline. Finish off by doing the same 'safety pin'/loop method (which I believe in a more fancy way is called an anchor stitch) a couple of times and cut off the excess.

Love from Cami

Small changes can make a big difference. Things you are ready to throw out can with some (small) changes become one of your favorite things. I was going to throw out this vase because I had another one but then I looked through my creative space and found these stick on stick on beads.
This is like the ion on patch T-shirt not a DIY but to show that thrift finds or things you wanna throw out can be upcycled to what ever needs you might have for it.

Love from Cami

If you can do something. Just a small tiny change then why wouldn't you? Because that small change can save lives. These are just some of the small changes I have made, some of them I have always done. And if you want to go all out and clear your clutter then check out my post right here

Use tote bags
Out with the plastic and in with the tote bags! Easy to throw in a bag and have ready for when it is needed. Also just a bit.. actually much cuter than plastic bags. At least that's what I think. And I think the planet agrees. 

Save glass jars for storage
I use glass jars in my creative storage but you can also use it in the kitchen to store nuts, seeds, pasta, anything really. Use then in your beauty space to store cotton swabs, cotton pads, bobby pins or again, anything really. You can also use then as vases like I did in the DIYs right here: Polka dot vase,

Thrift as much as you can
Thrifting, reusing and upcycling is something I am very passionate about. Everything besides my bed is basically thrifted and I love it. You can find the most amazing and unique things at thrift stores. Not only do you save a ton of money but you also help the planet. Here are some helpful thrifting tips

Give to thrift stores
Unless it is ruined or very very used I give it to thrift stores. Books, clothes, decorative items, everything. Also those glass jars can be thrifted. Why not let another person have the benefit instead of throwing it out?

Borrow books from the library
I have since I was little always borrowed books from the library. The I started buying books at the thrift store. Then I started buying books as new. Now I threw out (to the thrift store) over 100 books and have only a handful favorites. 

Love from Cami

Youtube is one of the biggest time consumers in my life. Not even kidding. I love it, haha. I watch a lot of different youtubers who talk about different topics. I love to DIY (obviously) and have already done 3 DIY vloggers to watch right now which are also some favorites of mine + a post about my top 5 vegan food youtubers who have amazing recipes. Also faves. This is going to focus more on the entertainment and they make me laugh. So much. But there are also a two channels where I learn a lot.

To me, Rose is one of the funniest people and I absolutely love her humor. She makes videos with her, also very funny, wife, Rosie, where they talk just about anything really. But also a lot about the LGBTQ+ community, which I really like. 

I absolutely love this super dramatic girl. She is the queen of over reacting and because of this and weird shit happening to her all the time she has juicy storytimes. I am not that into storytimes but she is just a great storyteller and whenever I see a new video from her I drop everything.

I absolutely love paranormal. So when I found her channel I was all in! I love her haunted house series and it is so incredible how she has experienced so much paranormal activity in her life. Her storytimes are a must watch!

Her humor is everything. She is just a one of a kind. I actually found her by another youtuber mentioning her, I cannot remember who, but boy am I glad she did. She makes the funniest videos but there are also some where you can learn stuff.. like what not to do, haha. But she is great.

Her drunk advice series is one of my absolute favorites to watch. She makes videos about sex, relationship and other stuff. I absolutely love her videos and I nearly forgot, her Hormone Diaries series! Maybe even better than the drunk advice series because it is just so interesting. The pill. No period for 7 years. Going off the pill. What happens?? Her channel is just yaaas queen.

I have talked about Muchelle B in a minimalist post but here she is again. Because she has the absolute best advice on self-discovery, minimalism and general life tips. With titles as 'How to get motivated + Get things done' and '20 ways to treat yourself without money' she is definitely a must watch!

Who are some of your favorite youtubers?

Love from Cami

I have been making these every day for the past week. They don't last very long in the fridge. I just can't stop eating them. Perfect if you need a bit of energy or just in the need of something sweet. But let's get into how to make them: 

All you will need is:
- Around half a cup of fresh dates, pitted.
- 1 cup of almonds. You can also use half almonds half cashews or any other nut
- 1 tbsp coconut oil
- 3 tbsp carob powder
- Dash of cinnamon
- Optional: ½ cup of chia seeds

What to do:
Start by blending the nuts or almonds in a foodprocessor. Then add the rest of the ingredients and proccess well until it becomes a sticky consistency. Roll the mixture into balls the size you want. Store in the fridge - If they even last that long... though I will say that they are best when they have set in the fridge for an hour or two.

Love from Cami

I am just all for upcycling. In any way you can. I love the ideas, I love the process and I love finishing a product. I love wearing a product. I was going to throw this to a thrift store but I really like the color and the white edges. It was just a bit too.. plain. So why not do something to it? There are endless possibilities. My mom just happened to find these roses and I absolutely love the red and the blue together.
There is not really much of a DIY because well.. all you gotta do it iron them on but it is still a new life to an old T-shirt!

Love from Cami

I am not here to tell you how you should live your life - you do you. You can read this and throw it out, I don't really care but these 5 things are just a few small things that have improved my everyday life. I would love to hear small things you do to improve your everyday life down in the comments.

Drink lemon water
The first thing I drink in the morning is a cup of hot water with lemon. It is so good and will boost your energy for the day. It cleanses my system, hydrates my body and better my digestion. Just make sure it is organic and you are good to go.

Get some fresh air in your room
When you wake up open your windows for about 10 minutes to start the day with some fresh air. If you want to then also do this before you go to bed for a good sleeping environment. Cleaner air gives a cleaner mind.

Take a mental break every day
It can be two minutes. It can be five mintures or it can be an hour. But giving yourself a break does wonders to your mental health. Sit or lay back, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. You can do it after you wake up to start the day. You can do it during the day when things get a bit too busy or at the end of the day to relax. Or more times a day. It is absolutely amazing - even if it is just two minutes!

Write down a couple of things you are greateful for
I does not have to be huge things. It can be small things like you ate your favorite food or you read a good book. Writing down things you are greatful for will help you appreciate and notice the small things in life.

No phone, tv or computer at least half an hour before bed
You have probably heard this before. No computer, phone or tv before bed. If you have troubles sleeping this will definitely work. Maybe not the first couple of nights but trust me, you will have a better sleep. Instead you can read a book or write down three good things that happened during the day. Or the things you are greatful for.

Love from Cami

It has almost been a year since I made my first dreamcatcher. In April this year I went to my first trade fair with my catchers and I almost sold out which was amazing and so unexpected. As some of you may know I recently published an ebook and I needed a place to start selling it. I heard that Tictail is easy to use so I decided to make my own shop. So I could sell my catchers and the ebook the same place. 
I am The Gemini on Tictail - click here to take a look! I also just launched my 'mini catchers' which are perfect for the car - click here to take a look.

Love from Cami

The first 'So.. What do you even eat??' was a pasta edition, the second one was a what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I don't eat pasta because trust me, I eat a LOT of pasta haha. Today I share a pasta dish and non-pasta dishes that are easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat! Let's get into it:

Oven Baked Potatoes with Guacamole
Peel and cut the potatoes into wedges and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Sprinkle on the spices of your choice (onion- and garlic powder) and put them in the oven at 190C for about 30 min. For the guacamole blend up an avocado, a glove of garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Chickpea Rice
All you do is cook some rice as you normally would and then fry some chickpeas in a pan with the spices of your choice. I like onion, garlic and paprika powder. Just fry them on the pan with some coconut oil for 7-10 min at medium heat. Put the rice and the chickpeas into a bowl and top with cubed avocado, tomatoes and spinach. 

Tomato pasta
Cook some pasta as you normally would and heat up some tomato sauce - I have a recipe on my Vegan Amino page (find it here) then in a pan, fry some chickpeas and sunflower seeds spiced with paprika and garlic powder for about 10 min. Place the pasta in a bowl and top with the sauce and then the chickpea and seed mix. 

Love from Cami

I haven't actually tried donuts, like ever, but I have always loved everything with a donuts design. So of course I am going to make a donut frame. And as always, it does not have to be these colors and if you want to you can do only sprinkles which would also look super cool! So let's get painting:

Love from Cami