Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY Flower Crown


Sorry for the Danish collages but I hope you can see what I did. I used a glue gun,
a scissor, elastic and some fake flowers.
What I did: 
I measured, with the wire, around my head, and added a bit extra and
cut it off. Make a circle with it that fits your head and twist the ends so it is stuck.
Then you just glue on the flowers and you are done!

Love from Cami 


  1. Virkelig fed DIY! Du er virkelig sej! ;-)
    Det må jeg da helt klart prøve :)

    1. Tusind tak for det!! Hvor er du bare sød! :))
      Det er helt sikkert også værd at prøve, for det ser SÅ godt ud :))