Thursday, 24 October 2013

DIY Clothing Rack

I really needed something new in my room and this was perfect! And I looove 
the result! It is so easy and all you need is hooks (big ones), wire, a tree stick 
and a saw. 

This is not really a DIY but more some information and then you can love it or 
leave it!



I just started by sawing a branch off a tree in my garden in the desired length. 

Then I cut of anything I didn't want on the tree stick and sharpened the edges and
things that stuck out.. 

You could also choose to paint the stick but I wanted to keep the tree look. 

Twist, twist, twist... I twisted the wire around my finder and then leave a little bit at
the end which I twist "in" the circle I just made (second picture after this)..
This is how you hang up the tree stick!

If you have any questions then just leave a comment down below!

Love from Cami 


  1. Hvor er det dog kreativt! :O

    Kig gerne forbi min blog -

    1. Tusind tak for det!! :))
      Tager et kig forbi!

  2. Så fed idé, og super kreativt! :-)
    Tag gerne et kig forbi min blog, hvis det lyster

    - Michelle

    1. Tusind tak for det! :))
      Tager et kig forbi!