Saturday, 14 June 2014

Q&A Time!

I just recently discovered that never have I ever made a Q&A and some of you
might know it as Q&Slay if you are familiar with the lovely Tyler Oakley...
BUT I think it is time. Time for a Q&A. Yes, Q&A time!

So ask all the questions your heart desire in the comments, you pretty thang.
(and you can ask in danish)

Love from Cami 


  1. Må man godt spørge på dansk? :)

  2. Do you go in school right now? And if yes, which line do you have?
    What's your favourite nail polish?
    What's your favourite book?
    Do you have an instagram?
    Do you read any danish blogs? Which?
    Where did you got all your lovely skirts? :)
    Where do you get inspiration?
    Where do you live?

    1. Forget about the Instagram ._.

  3. Yndlings film?
    3 ting på en øde ø?
    Yndlings blog(s)?
    Yndlings gør-det-selv (DIY) blog?

  4. Hej.
    jeg er i gang med en spørgerunde på min blog, så hvis det lyster, kig endelig forbi og kom med et godt spørgsmål.
    knus anne sophie

  5. whats your aim for future?
    whats favourite sport?
    did you want to visit nepal everest ever?
    what do you think what is life?