Friday, 26 September 2014

Recently Read // 2

 I absolutely loooove this series of three books by Lauren Conrad. It has drama,
love, jealousy and late teenage problems. It is about Jane and her friend being in
a reality TV show 

 I love this series as much as I love the two movies. It is about friendship and
wanting to stick together even though it is hard. If you are not a reader then
see the movies! 

Only a Danish book - Has not been translated (but it reeeeally should)  
This is such a touching story about a girl being brutally bullied. It is filled
with feeling and a girl concidering suiside. Just amazing!! 

 This is probably the hottest right now and I understand! The books are soooo
good and so is the first movie. I love it and it makes me want to be brave! 

This is a WOW! I am not a thriller person (hate the thrill) but it is sooo well
written and the twist is amazing! - Did not see that one coming (but I knew
there was something wierd...) READ IT!! (I was so lucky to find it in a thrift
store so it is now mine, yay)

Have you read any of these books? - What book do you recommend?

Love from Cami 


  1. Interesting books... I would like to read L.A.Candy!!!
    Happy WE doll!!!

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    1. Thank you! - It is also so good! :))

  2. Wonderful books, I love reading. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Great books! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. lovely, I wish I like to read!