Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Recently Read // 3

Imagine love being a disease which people get cured for and them a panel 
choose your partner. Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a series and I cannot 
wait to read the rest! 

This book is filled with adventure and the good against the bad. The Beautiful 
Creatures series is also story about passioned love. 

If I Stay is a story about a girl named Mia, who gets in a serious car crash and 
the choice is hers. Does she choose to stay? - Also I cannot wait to see the movie!

Vampires are all over in this series. Even two kinds. The series by Rachel Mead 
is about two best friends who tries to protect each other against the evil. I am 
also crazy about the movie. 

This story just fills you and stays with you forever. Me before you is such a 
fantastic book and it is a must read! - It maybe does not seem as a interesting 
book but trust me! It is..

Love from Cami 

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