Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Top 5 Comedy TV Series

Comedy is just fun, fun and more fun! I love the way they make me laugh and 
these are the ones that make me laugh the most! - Another one I recently started 
watching which is TOTALLY worth checking out is Parks and Recreation. 
It is just hilarious (especially after season 1+2) 

Glee is drama but it is also comedy. It has some fun elements and Sue Sylvester 
is just... a one of a kind. It is passion mixed with dreams, teenage problems and 
fighting for yourself and the ones you love.  A bundh of teenagers wanting to 
fit in and sing their hearts off. 

Orange is the new Black is about Piper who has to spend fifteen months in 
prison because of an old crime. Here she struggles with problems with the inmates, 
her life on the outside and an old lover. The person who is the cause of her arrest. 
There are so many different personalities in this series. Love it!

I just love this series! It is so much fun and it makes me laugh and that is all 
I sometimes care about. Jess is the sweetest person on earth and she moves into 
an apartment with some.. rather.. weird but also awesome dudes... I love the 
personalities, the jokes and the douchebag jar!

This is the series you can watch when you just randomly find it on TV or you just 
want something to cheer you up or you just got the time. It has a storyline it 
follows but it is like every episode is its own so you do not really have to watch 
it in order. Just a hilarious series! 

Two girls who are so different and comes from two sooo different worlds find 
each other and become friends. I love this show and it like the other series above is 
so so funny. This one just has a joke every two minutes and like Modern Family 
you do not really have to watch it in order (but do what you wanna do)

What is your favorite comedy TV series?

Love from Cami 

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