Friday, 27 February 2015

Top 5 Drama TV Series

Drama, drama and drama are some of the best TV series. I think that every TV series 
has some kind of drama to it so the list could be floor long but I have narrowed 
it down to 5. (Most of the series on the other top 5's are also drama, so...)

You cannot have a drama TV series list without Pretty Little Liars. It is like a 
cat without its curiosity... nonexistent and wierd.  The four (maybe more) pretty 
little liars live in the town Rosewood where they are tormented and stalked 
by an unknown person who goes by A. 

The vampire diaries started with a small problem, a love triangle and turned 
into many huge problems with originals, evil creatures and doppelgangers. 
But the big question from the start: Which brother does Elena choose?

The vampire diaries also has a spin off series The Original which as you 
could might tell is about the original vampire family and their problems. 
Problems with each other, love and enemies. 

Falling from the sky the 100 have to survive on an earth that has been unlivable 
for the past three generations. With no rules, no laws or any leader 
the 100 have to do something to stay alive only to find enemies in 
the forest. Will they be able to survive?

Teen wolf is about Scott who becomes a wolf and him and his friend Stiles 
tries to deal with the problems of him being a teen wolf. Together 
they fight against the problems coming their way. Gaining a few friend and 
enemies but also losing some enemies and some friends. 
+ There are some serious eye candy in this series!

I think this series is the ultimate series about the problems of being a teenager. 
It is raw, relevant and so real you would not believe it! Effy is the girl all the 
guys want but which one does she want? Love, friends, school, drinking, 
partying, social awkwardness and the struggles of growing up to be a grown up. 

What is your favorite drama TV serie?

Love from Cami 

The pictures are from Google


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