Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 5 Girly TV Series

Hey gurl hey this is for you (I'm kinda kidding, guys watch these too). These series 
sometimes just have it all: Romance, drama, teenage or adult problems and a funny 
element. Find some chocolate or whatever, go to your bed and start watching. 

Awkward can be describes with one word: awkward... Jenna the main character 
struggles with the problems of being a teenager. Boys, friends, the future 
and what to do in this big world of possibilities. And believe me.. Jenna gets 
into some preeetty awkward situations. 

Gossip Girl is said to be a parent's worst nightmare.. and it probably is but 
deep down it is just some teenagers wanting to fit in and finding their place 
in the world. Along with the drama, the fights, the romances, the affairs and the 
big question: Who is the hated but also loved Gossip Girl?

What do you do when you want the popular guy and you (and your best friend) 
just want to be popular. Be noticed by the fellow students and maybe be their 
'I totally wanna be and love her'.. well, you fake it. Fake being lesbians which 
as you can probably tell turns into a big mess with big lies and are they both faking

Sex and the City is for me the ultimate classic girls series. I do not even think 
I have to say much more than if you have not watched it just find the series 
and start.. Now! 

There has been made a series called 'The Carrie Diaries' which is about Carrie 
being young and it is also worth checking out. 

Four girls. Four frinds. This is a series I follow losely but it is really, really good. 
The girls are in their early 20's but still have the problems of teenagers. It is 
said to be the new modern version of Sex and the City.  

What is your favorite girly TV series?

Love from Cami 

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  1. Elsker alle disse serier! Godt indlæg :)


    1. Tusind tak! - Gør jeg virkelig også! :))

  2. I saw Gossip girl, and now I follow Girls! I saw some Sex and city episodes too! :)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living