Saturday, 14 February 2015

Top 5 Mystery TV Seires

I am not a big fan of horror or any kind of that (at all!!) but I do like me some 
mysteries. Twisted, 'who did it' mysteries with plot twist and surprises you had not 
seen coming. 
So here is my top 5 mystery TV series.  

Bones is with her partner Both and their team on the hunt for the killers of the 
bodies that are found. Parallelle with the cases we see their relationships and 
their personal struggles. They examine the bodies, look for any kind of clues and 
maybe catch the killers. 

Vampires are everywhere in True Blood and the humans are aware of them. 
Sookie Stackhouse is a little bit different from humans but she is not a vampire
 either. She can read peoples thoughts. She lives in a little town where nothing bad 
happens... or.. wait.. 

This series, is with Eye Candy below, the best new series! I really enjoy 
watching them. How to get away with murder has it all. There is love, secrets, 
jealousy, luck, affairs and of course how to get away with murder... or at least a 
try. Maybe there is one thing it does not have: justice.. or does it?

Victoria Justice does an amazing job in one of my new favourite TV series 
'Eye Candy' as Lindy who is stalked by the Flirtual killer. Flirtual is an online 
dating app and it is Lindy´s roommate Sophia who made an account for her 
calling her Eye Candy. And do not worry for one minute longer: There is 
indeed some romance. - But who is the killer?

Being accidentally inseminated may sound kind of weird and it kind of is but
this series turns into an awesome story with murder, jealousy, problems and
love which mashes together into a big mystery. It does probably not look like
that big of a mystery but just trust me, it is!

What is your favorite drama TV serie?

Love from Cami 

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    1. En side der hedder project free tv :))

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