Sunday, 22 March 2015

5 DIY's With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Here I have gathered some DIY's with empty toilet paper rolls. So before you 
just throw them out take a look and see if there is something you can use them 

The first one is this super cute and easy bracelet display (It can also be used for 
necklaces). You would not even believe how easy this is. 
See the instructions HERE

This is perfect for the small gifts or a sweet and different way to give money. 
Get the rolls, decorate and get wrapping! 
See how to make it HERE

You probably cannot see where the roll is in this DIY but it is a DIY on how 
to hide a gift you are giving inside a jar of candy. 
See how to make it HERE

With this DIY your cables will never ever tangle up again. You actually just need a 
toilet paper roll. It is so easy and saves you time from unraveling the cables and wires. 
See the DIY HERE

Gift wrapping paper is just so messy but with this method you prevent the paper 
from getting all over the place. 
See the instructions HERE

Love from Cami