Friday, 3 April 2015

The DIY tag

Obviously it is not a secret that I love to 'do it myself'! Therefore I looked around 
the internet and there was no such thing as a 'DIY tag' - I am going to put an end to 
that so here goes the DIY-Tag:

1. What do you think about DIY projects?
I absolutely LOVE it! (surprise) I think it is so amazing to make my own things.
I can get inspired by something I see, then put my own spin on it and make it
my own.

2. Why do you DIY? 
Because I love it! I think it is so much fun creating my own clothes, decor and other
things. Seeing my ideas come to life is just amazing! You can make it your own and
nobody has what you have.

3. What was your first DIY project?
The first project where I discovered my love for DIY was a long blue skirt from a
thrift shop. It was too long and I just cut it to where I wanted the hem to be. - and
since then I never stopped!

1// Butterfly wall - 2// Painted picture - 3// Clothing rack - 4// Dream catcher

4. What is your favorite DIY project you have done?
That one is reeeally hard because I have made soooo many things... But a thing
I have loved since I made it is my butterfly wall. I also love the picture I painted,
my dreamcatcher and my clothing rack! 

5. Where do you find inspiration for your DIY projects?
Everywhere! Everytime I see something I like I think about what I would need to
make it and how. Immidiatly when I see something my brain just start DIYing...

6. Do you make the most decor, clothes or random DIY 
I think that is pretty even between the three if I have to be honest. 

7. Sewing or glueing when working with fabric?
As for clothes I HAVE to sew it. I don't know why.. I just don't trust the glue
when it comes to clothes, haha. As for other things like pillows and stuff I am
all for the glue! - It is just easier, haha.. 

8. Cleaning as you go or waiting until you are done with 
your project?
As for small projects I just wait until I am finished but when I am making
something big which can take days I have clean what I can.. or else I just
go crazy (more that I already am..)

9. Do you ever make homemade gifts?
Yes! I love it. I mean.. homemade gifts comes from the heart and recieving a
gift that the person has spend a lot of time making is just gold! - It's real. 

10. What is your next DIY project? 
You will just have to wait and see...

I tag YOU! I would love to see you answer these questions so link it
down below and I will check it out!

Love from Cami 

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