Thrifting Tips

One of the things I love about thrift stores is that it is so affordable. Another thing is that you get to be creative. Cut pants and use it as shorts, cut the sleeves of a shirt or decorate it with studs or lace. The possibilities are endless. Here are 5 tips for thrifting:

 I think the biggest mistake you can do is going to thrift store and expect the latest fashion items hanging everywhere. Because no. Sometimes with the items you have to think outside the box to make it work if you want to be up to date on the fashion.

Treasures sometimes take some work to find and it is the same with thrift stores. You have to work through things you do not want to get to the things you want. The thrift stores can be quite huge so work through it section by section. 

Even though it has an awesome prise and you want to take it all.. Be critical. Do you need it? Can you live without it and do you have anything at home in your closet that works with the item? Thrift stores are kind of like sales. Because of the prise you get blinded by the actual product. Is it something for you?

 As I said before I love thrift stores because you can really get creative with the clothes. On the picture is a skirt made from ties.. Cut a skirt shorter, remove the sleeves on the shirt or whatever your brain can think off to make it your style.

 Because of the low price you can afford to experiment. Experiment with items and your style. Try something new and sometimes you find items you looove but is not necessarily your style. Work it anyway. But just remember one thing! - Still be critical. 

Do you like thrift stores?

Love from Cami