Thursday, 18 June 2015

Must Watch Movies: Before the 00's

'Clueless' is from 1995 and is one of my favorite movies ever! Cher's mission in 
life is to help the people who are clueless, often in form of a makeover. She and 
her bff, Dionne, makes over the new student, Tai and then there is Cher's college 
student ex-step-brother who is hanging around the house..

1999 is the year of 'Ten Things I Hate About You'
I think I have watched this movie a hundred times.. or just around that. I LOVE it! 
It is this big mess that starts with one guy wanting to date a girl only to find out 
she can only date if her sister does.. So what do you do? You make a guy pay 
another guy to go out with the sister.
Talk about a mess..

This movie makes you think about the boxes you make in your head where 
you categorize people, only you have no right to judge or put people in 
that box..
The year is 1985 and the name is 'Breakfast Club' which is about five 
stereotypes forced into detention together, discovering that they might have 
more in common that they would have thought. 
Oh.. And also.. What is with the name of the movie?

Pretty woman from 1990 is about a business man needing an escort so he 
hires a prostitute, but he ends up falling in love with her. They come from two 
different worlds so will they manage to make their own world and will it work?

Dirty Dancing is a movie from 1987 and I think I have a love-hate relationship 
with this movie because it is reeeally good and filled with all those clichés we 
love yet there is something I really cannot pinpoint... anyway I still love this 
movie and I also think the second movie, 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights', is super 

American Pie from 1999 is a comedy movie where a group of guys make a pact 
to lose their virginity before they graduate and there chance is at the prom night. 
We follow Jim and we see some of the weird choices he decides to make in life
and follow some of them falling in love. 

Which movies before the 00's are your favorites?

Love from Cami 

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