Monday, 29 June 2015

My Summer Bucket List

Since we have officially entered the summer months (though I am freezing my ass 
off here in Denmark!!) I thought about what I want to do this summer and it is sooo 
easy to just make a list of cool things but actually getting them done is the struggle (the procrastination is real)
You have this big fantasy in your head where you have the coolest summer ever! 
Going to the beach with your friends and playing lots of volleyball, eating ice 
cream with your friends and planning barbecues everyday with fun sleepovers... 
When really it is just you sitting in your room on your computer trying to cool the 
fuck down from the heat! (or is this just me, my experiences and my head?!)

Here is my summer bucket list! (crossing my fingers for me actually getting it 

What do you wanna do this summer?
 Eat a lot of ice cream but it has to be healthy without dairy or sugar.. or any other 
weird things they can put in it! If you want to make some healthy icecream 
yourself then click here for the recpie!.. Make the base with banana and then put 
whatever you want in it. Could be chocolate powder, any type of berries or just 
the 'plain' banana with vanila.

Read books in the sun but this year I am going to wear sunscreen because last
year I had my knees bend so my things were up against the sun and I am not 
kidding there was a black tint to them... Never ever again, haha!

Collect seashells because if you want to do that you have to go to the beach and 
who does not love beaches (not the movie from the 'to do list, haha)

Getting my driver's license and I am starting tomorrow with one of my best 
friends so that is super exciting and I cannot wait to sit behind the steering wheel 
but it kinda also scares me a bit...

And of course I am going to blog A LOT and there is a lot of summer DIY's 
coming up with clothes, decorations and healthy recipes I cannot wait to share 
with you sweet pancakes.

Love from Cami