Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Beginning Of Everything

This book does not make you sit on the edge of your chair from exitment. No, but 
there is something about it that made me want more. That made me want to see 
what is going to happen on the next page but it is hard to pin point what it is. 
There is just something about Ezra Faulkner’s story and I hated the ending but 
afterwards realized it was the best ending ever written.
Ezra Faulkner is the popular boy with a girlfrind and captain of the tennis team. 
He would probably say that his life at that moment was perfect. Until something
drives him into a car accident, shattering his leg and.. well.. also his life.
This book is aaaall about the quote 'everything happens for a reason' and I
LOVE it! Really check. it. out.
After reading this I went onto my computer and ordered a copy, so yeah...

Have you read it?

Love from Cami 


  1. Great book review! I am definitely going to read it!


  2. Har overvejet at købe den alene på grund af den vildt fine forsiden, men jeg har bare hundrede bøger liggende, så det bliver desværre nok ikke foreløbig ):
    Håber at du har en skøn dag!


    1. Forsiden er så fin og det samme med indholdet! :))
      Tak og i lige måde!