Wednesday, 22 July 2015

10 (cheap) things to do this summer

Summer can get quite boring or you are just lost for ideas so here I have gathered 
some activities you can do by yourself (hands in the air for being that friend who 
stays home all summer while friends travel their asses off...) but you can also 
invite some friends over or even do it with your family. I hope you get some 
inspiration! - What fun things have you done or are about to do this summer?

Do a clothes swap day with friends
Look through all your clothes and take with you everything you do not use. Look 
through all the clothes together, try, and take something new with you home. Have 
some (healthy) snacks around and if you have a creative soul among your friends 
then you can even be creative with the clothes. 
I did this with my friends and it was super fun and I got a lot of clothes both to wear 
and make projects with. 

Explore the thift stores
There is a lot of gold in thrift stores! It is inexpensive and you can find some amazing
things. I love going on a 'road trip' in other cities and find thriftstore. I think I am a 
bit addicted... See my thrift tips right HERE

Have a picnic
Each friend take some food and/or drinks with them and then walk to a forest or a 
park and have a super fun picnic.. even if it is just in a garden (there is a toilet 
nearby: huge plus, haha) - Talk, take pictures and just have an awesome time.
I did this with two of my friends and it turned out so great!

Have a movie night
So this is a classic but that's because it is amazing. Put on your night clothes, find 
some good movies and pop those popcorns (or what you wanna stuff your mouth 
with) - You can even have the clothes swap earlier, make dinner together (or order 
pizza, haha) and then have a movie night. Fun, easy and memories!

Play outdoor games 
...with a group of friends or your family. It can be things like giant jenga (DIY it) or 
just regular jenga, you can make a slide with water and have a fight with water 
pistols (or toss water balloons), it can be bowling with filled waterbottles and a ball.. 
the possibilities are endless. 

 Read in the sun
You may or may not be the biggest reader but finding a book and reading in the sun 
is something I love. It is relaxing without getting boring (I hate just luying and 
sunbathing, so boring...) and you dissapear into another world. Read outside or 
indoor if it rains (like it does here in Denmark...)

 Bake/cook something 
Get creative in the kitchen and bake or cook something! You can go healthy or go
all the way with the sweets.. This you can do with friends or after you have made 
the foods invite your friends over for a fun day. You can make:

 Make DIY projects 
Making DIY projects is so fun and you can even gather your friends and start 
getting creative. You can all bring some things or clothes you want to do something 
with and talk about some ideas and just have fun with talking and snacks 
(snacks are important.. maybe more important that the friends, hahah ... no but 
Here I have some summer DIY's:
Or just go back on my blog and find something you wanna make..

 Watch a TV-series 
Time to watch your favorite series, yeees!! I have thought about watching Aarican 
Horror Story but since I cannot take the least amount of horror then I do not know 
if it is for me... The stuggle is real... Have you watched it and how much horror is it?
What is your favorite series?

Have a 'spa' day 
This of course you can also do with a friend but it is also super nice to do 
with yourself. Put on your favorite nailpolish (or even be fancy and make a design) 
and watch your favorite TV-Show/Series. Finish off with a bath/shower.
 Have a day where you relax and do what you love.

Love from Cami 


  1. Lovely ideas! I especially like to thrift shop!

  2. great ideas. Too bad I'm working this summer, so when I get home I'm too tired to do any of this and it's not just Denmark, London weather has been dodgy for the past few weeks and it is so upsetting. I may take a few days off to do all of the above. I'm never been to a thrift shop, can you believe it? :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thank you! - I hate bad weather in the summer. Wow you totally need to visit one!! :))

  3. Lovely ideas! I'd love to read in the sun but the weather has been awful here! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do it soon

    1. Thanks! - I cannot do it stoo because of bad weather so hope the sun comes soon! :))

  4. Sikke et super godt indlæg!