Saturday, 18 July 2015

T-Shirt As Towel - How + Why?

I have for the past few month tossed the towel and used a T-Shirt for my hair 
and skin after the shower. Why a T-shirt you might ask? 
Well, first of all it has to be 100 % cotton and the thicker the better because then
it can soak up more water.. Here is 5 reasons why: (my experience)

Minimize frizz - I have seen a significant change in my hair when it comes to frizz
I cannot lie I still have a little but it is a huuuuge different from how it was when 
using the towel 

More gentle - on hair and skin. It is like you can hear your hair and skin sighing
in the good way because the cotton is so much softer that the towel (especially
if the towel has been washed tons of times)

Less drying time - I have no idea how this can be but after the 10 minutes I have 
the T-Shirt on my hair it just feels dryer that with a towel.. I know?! Crazy amazing 

Less damage - Because the 100% cotton is more gentle on the hair (and skin) then
there will be less damage on the hair. With it being less damaged leads me to 
reason number five:

Softer hair - My hair feels incredibly soft. Do I need to say more? Who does not 
love perfectly soft hair? 

Love from Cami