Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 DIY Covers

Here I have made 5 DIY covers and all you need is a clear cover which can pretty 
much get everywhere.. of course you also need materials needed for the DIY. 
The best is that you can change it up because it is just a piece of paper under a 
clear cover! 
Lets get into it:

I find this lace cover to be super feminine with the white but you can totally dye it
the color you want! You can even make it tie dye, uuuh! Would look soo cool 
and all you got to do is cut a piece of lace and a little corner so you can use your 

Masking tape DIY's are just aaall over the internet and you have probably seen 
this before but I wanted to do it anyway because you can make it so unique with
your own pattern and colors of tape. 

If I have to be honest I am not all about glitter but this is super cool! I am also 
going to make it with some black glitter which would make it a little bit more 
edgy (if glitter can even be edgy??) but seal it with some mod podge and you are 
good to go!

This is as simple as just putting feathers on your phone and then put a cover over it
but it would also be super cool to do a colored background just to make it a little 
bit more interesting.. unless you love the iphone look.

This has so many opportunities and you can obviously paint whatever you 
want and you can also draw if you are better at that. The motives are endless
so ready, set, go!

Which one do you like the best?

Love from Cami