Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 Healthy Lifestyles Bloggers

I absolutely love eating healthy foods and by healthy I mean without meat, dairy
and eggs, so basically a vegan diet. Here I have gathered my top 5 youtubers/
bloggers who are either vegan or fully raw. Oh, and you really can make a healthy 
cake which taste like a non healthy cake... 

It might not look like it when you watch the front page of her channel but she 
makes the most delicious recipes and shares amazing tips on the vegan lifestyle. I 
also love reading her blog where you can, just like on her youtube channel, find the 
'What I ate in a day' videos.
On her channel you can also find other amazing things like beauty, hauls and 
general tips and tricks. 

On this channel you find AMAZING recipes and tips on how to eat fully raw.
Yep. A lifestyle where you eat food that has not been cooked. Eventhough I am 
'only' vegan I love some of her recipes. Specially her cakes ('Cheesecake' and 
'Chocolate Pecan Pie') which are far better than baked cakes and smoothies.

This girl just recently shared why she is vegan (here). It is amazing and you really
should watch it. She also has recipes and what she eats in a day videos.
There is not so many videos on her channel yet but there is a few food vidoes and 
I cannot wait to see more. 

Surprise, another vegan. Essena also has a lot of videos of what she eats and lovely
 recipes. She shares a lot of tips and tricks and she has a 'get healthy with me'
series on her channel right now which is super good. 

I have previously shared a recipe from this blog and I have tried more and they
are sooo good. There is cakes, drinks, beauty and different tips and tricks. 
It is filled with delicious vegan recipes you need to try!

Love from Cami 


  1. I have never tried a full vegan recipe :O will have to check these out!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. You should definitely try one and check these chicks out! :))