Thursday, 29 October 2015

15 Easy Halloween Costumes

I have 7 DIY costumes for you but I wanted to do more so here I have 15 easy and
some of them funny costumes. They are easy because all of them are most likely 
something you have in your closet and then there is maybe a think you can easily
DIY which I will write under the costume + some tips to make it even better!

The first one is Alice in Wonderland and all you really need is a light blue dress
and some kind of a white apron. To make it even better you can rub some dirt
on all over to make it look like you have fallen down a hole in the ground. 

So this one is quite, I don't know, a smart one. All you need to be a 'waiter' is a
watch and then you can wear whatever you want. Look down at your watch and 
have a desperate look on your face and voila! haha.. (really hope you get it, haha)

The ever so famous Chanel from Scream Queens is going to be a popular costume
this year but it is also very easy to recreate (of course no one can be her like she 
can..) but you can choose any outfit of hers and even mix and match if you just
keep her vibe.

Emojis are probably also going to be a popular one because it is so easy and there
is so many of them to choose from and nothing to really do. Here is the cool 
sunglass emoji where you of course need sunglasses and a yellow dress and that
is it.

I actually love this one! I was thinking of the series Eye Candy and then I thought 
of this and I think it is so 'clever'. You can either print out an eye out on transfer
paper and iron it on or just paint it on. Glue some candy on to a headband and/or
have some in a bag or even glue it onto the shirt as well. 

You can really be any FBI agent but I just really wanted to recreate Burt Mcklin 
from Parks and Recreations. It is Andy's 'fictional self' and he is so funny so be 
sure to make some jokes and fool around, haha. Glue or tape on the letters.

Why not be life for Halloween and go around and give lemons to people? It is
super easy and all you have to do is paint the word 'life' onto your dress or
T-shirt or you can just write it on paper and tape it on.

M&Ms are soooo easy because you can be whatever color you want and it can
also be a super cool group costume so everyone is a different color. Paint an
M on to a dress or shirt and you can also wear some white shoes and even
knee high socks. 

Splatter some paint onto a shirt in the color of your choise and if you want to 
you can wear a baret and have some paint brushes and a palette with you
and that is really it. So easy and you can go to a thrift store to find a cheap

Glue or tape the queen of hearts cart onto your dress and you can even have a lot
of them. And/or you can cut out some hearts and put it on your dress or give 
them to people. To complete it have a tiara or a crown on your head.

Here I am thinking of the name Serious Black from Harry Potter. You are not 
really looking like him but you are serious black, haha. Another 'clever'
costume where all you have to do is write black on your black top or dress.
If you want to you can have a wand. 

"So what are you going to be for Halloween?" an excited person asks. "Tired" is
the answer. You do not really have to do anything but you can write the Zzz on
your shirt but you can also just wear your night clothes and voila. 

People are standing with their phones and just go around saying please no pictures
and take your hands in front of your face like they are paparazzis. Maybe not a 
cool costume if you do not want to be looked at as arrogant or like a freak, haha
but it is funny.  

This is the 'real' waiter where all you need is an apron and a pen and paper. Wear
whatever clothes you want and ask people if you can take their order. Make an 
apron by cutting a rectangle and bend down the top to fit a piece of ribbon 
into so you can tie it around your waist. 

Just be whatever there is at the party... Tape a mirror onto your dress and you 
are a reflection. It is really easy and you can wear whatever you want. You 
are kind of everything at the party so... who is the real winner?

Which one do you like the best? 

Love from Cami