Monday, 26 October 2015

Last Year's Halloween Costumes

Halloween time is the best time! I really wished we celebrated this holiday here in
Denmark but no one really does... That is not going to stop me from making some
cool costumes and get the creativity flowing! 
With the link to the post and the DIY I have some corrections of what I would do
to make it even better!

This is such a cool costume and it can be a single or a group costume. All you gotta
do is be different colors. What I would do different is of course make a mask that
fitted a bit better. It looked cool laying down but on.. not so much, haha. I would 
also paint on the 'abs' to make it look a little bit cooler.

Being a scarecrow is super easy because all you really need is the creppy face and
a flannel with some braids. This was more of a last minute costume but feel free to
go all out with the creppy makeup and some hay. 

This has to be my favorite becasue how awesome is this?! Are you the last minute 
type then this is for you. You can wear this with whatever and even make some 
creepy makeup or glue some spiders onto your tights. 

This is a close second on the favorite list because. A is fucking badass!.. and a bit 
evil. If you have the dress to spare for it I would suggest painting the A on to it 
and make it not so square but.. well.. last minute all the way. 

This is an amazing group costume so gather your girls and find the blazers. You can 
of  course go alone if that is what you want. (#nofriends haha) Now you can sing all 
night long and nobody can tell you to stop, haha. Oh, and feel free to do the mermaid 

If you do not know who Regina George are then.. Were have you been?? She is the
queen of being mean so work this outfit and let the sarcasm flow (but do not be 
like, mean - be fun sarcastic). Instead of cutting out some circles then put on any 
colored top and cut two holes in a white top. (again #lastminuteftw)

Love from Cami 


  1. Sono tutti belli, mi piace molto il primo!

    1. I am sorry but I do not speak Italian but thank you for your comment.. :))

  2. love! the Bellas outfit is simply genius!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥