Monday, 7 December 2015

10 Things To Do This Christmas

Make some Christmas decoration 
Decoration is really the best way you can get into the Christmas vibe and
making decorations yourself is even better! Get some inspiration on Pinterest
and get out your scissors while hearing some Christmas music.

Watch a Christmas movie 
To get in the Christmas mood watching a Christmas movie is the perfect idea.
There are so many amazing holiday movies out there. Find one and sit back
with some snacks and enjoy.

 Get out in the snow
If there is snow where you live then get out with your warmest clothes and
just walk, make snow angels or get the sledge out. You can never get to old
to have fun in the snow with either friends or family.

 Bake Christmas goodies
Christmas is just the time of baking. It is just amazing to smell all the goodies
being baked and made. Do this with your family or friends and maybe you
can play a game afterwards while eating.

Have a Christmas movie night 
Binge watch all the best Christmas movies by yourself (#youdoyou) or invite a
friend over. There are so many lovely movies like, Love Actually, The Holiday
Home Alone, Enchanted and many more...

... or even have a fight in the snow. The nature is so beautiful in the winter so if
there is snow then put on some really warm clothes and get outside the house.
This would also be super awesome to do with a friend.

 Have a Christmas day with friends
Invite some friends over for some Christmas fun. You could all bring something
so it is not just you dealing with everything. You can do stuff together, bake, DIY
some gifts or you can just sit and talk with some hot drinks.

 DIY some gifts
Gifts that are made by the person you are recieving it from are just the best gifts
but today they are probably a bit underrated though they really are the best because
they come from the heart. The person took time to make it and put energy into it
so how can you not love it?

Send a Christmas card 
Christmas is the time to send a little sweet greeting to a family member or a
friend. It does not have to be someone that lives far away and you can either
make a card yourself or buy one.

Go Christmas shopping 
Go shopping with a friend and buy all the gifts you need to give. Well.. Do not 
buy the gift you are going to give that friend you are shoping with. You can also 
do it alone if that is what you want but it might be more fun with company. 
Do not forget to buy a gift for yourself (maybe not one that is one you wish 
list because that might already be bought)

Love from Cami