Tuesday, 22 December 2015

5 DIY Gift Ideas

Hey everyone and merry Christmas!
As it is the biggest gift season ever!! I have gathered some DIY post from the 
previous year which you can give away as gifts either on their own or just as a 
part of their gift. 

These jars are super easy to make and also easy to customize because you can put
whatever you want on top of it and also find or make something to put in them
See the post HERE.

This is really one of the sweetest things ever and so easy to do. It can just be a 
sweet little bonus gift. If you are giving a necklace or something you can lay
it on the plate. See the post HERE

This picture display is super easy to make but a lovely gift because you can put 
memories in it with the pictures and with this you can give them an experience
you can do together so you can make a new memory they can put onto the display.
See the DIY HERE

There vintage looking jars are super easy to make and also super easy to costumize. 
You can also give the person something their can put in the jars like candles or 
whatever you can think of. See the post HERE

This is probably the sweetest gift you can give to someone because it really comes 
from the heart. It is easy to make.. a bit time consuming but listen to some good 
music or watch your favorite show. See the post HERE

Love from Cami 

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