Thursday, 3 December 2015

Recipe: Healthy Christmas Snacks

As you so gracefully read in the title I have some healthy Christmas snacks for you. 
I have 3 healthy and 1.. not so much, haha. With all this sugar at this time of year it 
is just awesome to sometimes eat something that is quilt-free. I hope you will try to
make them yourself and that you like them!

So the first one is not a Christmas Christmas snack but more an all year snack but it
will just be better with snow outside.. Doesn't everything, haha? They are so easy to
make so see how to make the HERE and get in the kitchen..

Peppernuts or in Danish 'pebernødder' is just THE Christmas snack.. or at least it is
here in Denmark.. but healthy? not so much so get a recipe HERE and make your
own healthy peppernuts. 

These delicious balls are a Danish Christmas classic and again not at all healthy.
They are filled with butter and sugar but here I have a healthy option. And yes,
they taste EXACTLY like the original. Blows my mind every time I try them.
Get the recipe HERE

Now to the not so healthy but absolutely amazing treat. These reminds me of my 
childhood (sounds so old) but I just remember making them with my mom and
sometimes my brothers while hearing Christmas music. Get the recipe HERE

Love from Cami