Friday, 11 December 2015

My Favorite Christmas Movies

Hey everyone!
The Holiday.. is such a sweet movie and I absolutely love Kate and Jack. I love the
plot in the movie with the two women moving into the other one's home.
Love Actually.. is this sweet film where we follow a bunch of couples and it does
not get Christmas without watching this movie.
A Boyfriend for Chrismas.. sound like a super cheesy movie and maybe it is but 
it is so so sweet and who would not want a boyfriend for Christmas, haha?
New Years Eve... is not a Christmas movie but is sets the mood and is is like 
Love Actually where we follow many different couples throughout New Years 
Enchanted... is such a lovely movie. I love the love story and all the elements of
a fairy tale. Definitely a must see!
Home Alone... is probably the best Christmas movie ever and it is not Christmas
without it. I love watching this with my family the day before Christmas eve. It 
is just a tradition. 

Love from Cami