Saturday, 12 December 2015

On My Christmas Wish List

Books? On my Christmas wish list. A surprise? No.. haha!
A cliche, I know, but Divergent is just one of my favorite teen futuristic book 
series so I would be so happy to have that in my collection. 
I am a huge fan of especially Dan so when I heard that they, like every other 
youtuber, were making a book, this I, like Grace Helbig's book, REALLY want. 
Then the rest can go home...
If I stay because it's a wow and roller skates because why not? haha.. 
Great way to exercise in a fun way.
Then there is Sex and the City and I have wanted this for years but I have 
never really put in on the list and now it is time!
I have season 1-4 of Gossip Girl so I need (well not like air and food but you 
know..) season 5-6 because this series I can watch all the time. 

What is on your wish list?

Love from Cami 

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