Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Best DIY Gifts Of Last Year

At Christmas last year I made a lot of DIY's you could make and then give as a gift. 
These can just be a little 'side' gift with the original one and can easily be put into 
a gift basket. Homemade gifts are often the best gifts because the person
has really put something into it and it comes from the heart. So do not 
underestimate them. 
So the first gift from last year's Christmas calendar is this bronzer which is super 
easy to make. If you want to you can also put some arrowroot powder or some 
cornstarch into the mixture to make it last longer and have a smoother finish. Put 
it into a cute container and there you go..

I absolutely love this frame and it is at one point very girly because of the pearls 
but you can easily make it match the person's room by choosing some pearls
that give a certain vibe. Put in a picture of a special occasion and there you go.
You can find inexpensive pearls and necklaces at a thrift store. 

Make three things from one sweater and decorate them however you would like. 
I found this sweater at the thrift store but you can also use one from your closet 
that you do not wear anymore or ever even worn. Be careful about using too
thick of a sweater because the glue cannot holdt it together and if it is too thick you 
might want to sew it. 

Headbands are such an easy way to spice up any outfit and you can really make as 
many as you would like. You can find old fabric pieces at a the thrift store or use 
shirts if you want to. 

I LOVE scrunchies and making them is sooo easy! Again find some fabric at a 
thrift store or use clothes you do not wear anymore and make some cute scrunchies!
As the headband these spice up any outfit and you can make as many as you would 
like in many different patterns. 

Love from Cami