Sunday, 13 March 2016

Different Ways To Organize Your Books

Hey everyone!
Organizing your books or reorganizing can be quite the work. How should you
place them? .. and what is the smartest? Well, here I have some suggestions. You
can mix some of them together. If you want to have a height system you can also 
place them with the books from A-Z by the author or title. Do different things for
different shelves. I like to have my favorites at the top shelves and I also use the
height option sometimes. A thing I also use is collecting authors. So I will have the
Sophie Kinsella standing togehter and then of course the series standing together.
The only thing I do not use is the color organization. 

How do you organize your books? 

Love from Cami 


  1. thats a nice one, buy you know this also depends on how spacious your house is