Monday, 28 March 2016

DIY Book Table

I absolutely love this book, 'Can You Keep a Secret' by Sophie Kinsella, but don't
worry, I bought another copy of it at the thrift store. Using a book that made me
smile while reading it makes me smile everytime I look at the table. What is not 
to like?!?
If you are not a book lover you can just use whatever you want. It would be so cool
with pages from a magazine, comic books or pictures you have printed out.
+ It won't take as long as using lines from a book did. I though I would never finish 
but now it is totally worth it! It lights up and has a glossy finish. Everything I want.
Green is not bad. Not at all but when you can have books, I will always choose
books, haha.

Love from Cami