6 Ways To Find Inspiration

Where do you get your inspiration? A question I have been asked a lot. And the short answer is everywhere. From a cool outfit I see on the street to the ultimate inspiration bomb called Pinterest. If I see something interesting I either try to recreate it or use some of the elements to create something fitting me and my style. And of course I try to figure out how to make it myself. But where do I find most inpspiration? A part from everyday life and the people I see, here are some of the places where I find most indpiration: 

Not scrolling down Pinterest when it comes to finding inspired is a big mistake. Pinterest is as said before the ultimate place to be inspired. Follow people you find inspiring and search to find what you are looking for. If it is not anything specific type in words like 'beauty', 'style' or 'healthy' and be prepared. You can either just make the DIY's on Pinterest or you can look around to get inspired. Find outfit inspiration or you see something you want to make but change it a bit to your liking

I actually think Tumblr is one of the best places to find inspiration. Like Pinterest you can search for something you are looking for. Words like 'Vintage', 'Decor', 'Photography' or whatever you want and let yourself be inspired. Reblog pictures for your own tumblr blog to have your own inspiration board. 

Reading a lot of blogs and watching a lot of youtubers you get a lot of inspiration. Blogs and youtubers are like the everyday life . You watch a video or see an outfit you get inpired by. Instread of real life it is just online.. and you get to take a picture without looking like a freak...

Inspiration=Instagram. Follow your favorite people and accounts and you will be inspired whenever you scroll down your feed. There are plenty of style, DIY and beauty accounts. One of my favorite accounts when it comes to style is Lookbook

Books are quite a weird place to find inspiration because they are written and not pictures like the Tumblr or Pinterest. But you are in fact able to be inspired. Sounds weird, but it is true. Either regular books or books like The Teen Vogue Handbook and Lauren Conrads Style. 

TV series or movies
Watching a lot of TV Series and movies you cannot avoid feeling inspired. Especially with all of the different series with different styles. Take a picture or a screenshot to save it. I am currently really inspired by the clothes and the hair pieces in the 'Reign' series. I absolutely love the clothes and the

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Love from Cami