Thursday, 26 May 2016

Changing My Blog Name

Hey everyone!
I have wanted to change my blog name for such a long time now! I need something
new and I think the time is right. The one I have now is very hard for people to
remember so I decided to change it and I also want something that is more me...
It is still going to be DIYs, DIYs and more DIYs. Nothing there is going to change
and I cannot wait to show all the summer DIYs I have in mind.
In a couple of days I am going to change the name to 'CamiCreative' and the link is 
going to be:
You will no longer be able to find my blog at but if you
follow me on bloglovin then you can always find me there and you won't have
to do anything or try to remember it!

Love from Cami