Thursday, 19 May 2016

Throwback: DIY Picture Display

I have made a LOT of DIY's on this blog. And I have made a LOT of DIY's on
picture displays. I love arranging my pictures different ways and I always change 
it up. With a lot of picture displays you need a frame but I have actually done 
some where you do not need one and I also have a perfect DIY for polaroid 
pictures coming soon so stay tuned. Anyways, let's go back in time:

See how to make it HERE
I think this is one of the coolest ways to show off your pictures! It is easy and
you do not need any expensive material so it is good to go. If you find the
pictures leaning towards a side then just put some double sided tape in the
back and it should stay put. 

See how to make it HERE
Clothes pins are a popular material for picture displays and this one is not an
exception. But you can actually also use masking tape in the color(s) of your
choice. This is perfect for polaroids or Instagram pictures but with a
bigger frame regular pictures would look cool! 

See how to make it HERE 
This has been a trend for some time now and I get why. It looks so cool. All you need
is two frames and if you do not want the small black things to show you can always
glue it together but then you cannot change it and you would have to ruin the glass
to get them out so.. but you can always try with tape.

See how to make it HERE
This is a solution with a frame but without clothes pins (you can use them if you 
want) But here I just used double sided tape to secure the pictures. Again, it looks 
cool with polaroids but with a bigger frame it would look cool with regular 

Love from Cami