10 DIY Summer Projects

What a totally focused picture of a beach I have there.. I know.. The summer weather has finally reached Denmark and I am enjoying it so far (eventhough I am inside making DIYs, haha) How is the weather where you live? Instead of being outside I stayed inside looking back at my favorite summer DIYs I have done so far (I am saying so far because the projects I am working on are, if I may say it myself (you tell em gurl!), amazing!! I cannot wait to share them with you! Anyways, here are 10 DIY summer projects. Easy to do:

Warning! These money are for adventures only, haha! But seriously though.. This is such a cool DIY because you can collect money for future adventures and who does not love that. You can decorate it however you would like (wow so much freedom with this one, haha) Find the DIY here

This is a DIY that I am absolutely in love with and I even wore it at my prom this year. If you love the flower trend but think that the crowns are a bit too much then this is perfect for you. Find flowers at the thrift store and start gluing! Find the DIY here

If you love the galaxy trend then you will love this DIY. Since this is 'summer' shoes I just painted the shoes with acrylic paint but if you want to wear them all year round then do it with fabric paint to be safe. We do not want the design to run off.. Find the DIY here 

Flowers are such a summer essential. There cannot be summer without flowers and through my DIY blogging time I have made to DIYs on the beloved crown. The one on the right is so old that it is a Danish post - but don't you worry translated what I did under the pictures and if you have a question then fire away in the comments. Find the DIY on the left here - Find the DIY on the right here

Sorry, another flower DIY, haha! This is quite a new one but anything with flowers earns a spot on this list... sorry if you do not like flowers, haha. Choose flowers in any color and glue them on to the frame. It really is that simple. Find the DIY here.

Wow, the summer is hot, hot, hot - well, here in Denmark it is.. To cool down in the heat throw these babies in some water and you are cool for the summer (get it - A Demi Lovato joke, wow) They are so easy to make and gives your water an amazing lemon taste without it being too much. Find the 'DIY' here.

In the summer you, hopefully, make a lot of memories you get to keep for the rest of your life, both in your heart but also through a camera. This is the perfect way to display those summer memories. Feel the feels every time you look at it and go daydreaming about the summer. Find the DIY here.

This link will show you the DIY for the quote art, but you can easily make the heart art with a bunch of pictures - aka. summer memories. If you want a big one then you need a bunch and all you do is make a heart shape (or any other shape you would like) with some double-sided tape. Find the quote DIY here

Going to the beach? No?.. oh.. well, are you going on a picnic then? No? Uhm.. then wherever you are going make this bag for your things - without ruining your T-shirt. - It is super easy and you do not need to sew or need any glue. Find the DIY here.

Going out on adventures you need a cute outfit. I gotcha! Make one (or both) of these shorts to look fab in the hot weather. Find lace at a thrift or fabric store and get gluing. You can sew these but really, who has the time for that in the summer when you can spend the time in the sun? Uh, well... I do, haha. Find the DIY on the left here - Find the DIY on the right here

And that concludes my summer DIY project throwback! Which one are you going to make? Let me know in the comments! 

Love from Cami