Saturday, 16 July 2016

5 Vegan Food Youtubers

Vegan food has made me fall in love with food all over again. Vegan food has made 
me love finding new recipes. Vegan food has made me love exploring in the kitchen.
Where do I find all those delicious recipes (and the information about veganism - but 
mostly recipes) and one of the answers is Pinterest. But another answer is Youtube. 
For a little while now I have discovered more and more vegan food vloggers and I 
love it! My dashboard is filled with vegan food videos and I have never been more 
inspired. So here I have 5 vegan food vloggers for a little vegan food inspiration: 
The pictures are from their youtube channels - click on their name to find their 

The Vegan corner makes the most delicious recipes. On their channel you can find
both dessert recipes but also food recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And of
course snacks, you can never forget about the snacks, haha. Click on the name and
prepare to enter the ultimate vegan food world. 

Have you ever stumbles upon the phrase 'Raw. Vegan. Not gross'? well if not then
do yourself a favor and click on her name above because you are missing out!
She also makes all kinds of recipes and yep, you guessed it, they are vegan and
mostly also raw too which is awesome. 

These two are probably my favorite people on the internet right now. I love their
recipes and have made many of them and I loved every single one of them.
I absolutely love their challenges where they challenge each other to do a dish 
and then the viewers choose a winner. I usually want to make both creations.

On Rawana's channel you will not only find food videos but also lifestyle videos
based around the vegan lifestyle. As you can see from name she is raw but does
sometimes turn on the oven for some of her recipes. Oh and if you want to
practice your Spanish then go over on her other channel where she talks Spanish.

Makes the most delicious recipes (well, this phrase is used to describe all of them,
haha) but seriously, her desserts are divine. Absolutely amazing. I have already 
shared a recipe from her. It was the healthy and delicious Twix recipe (find it here).
Definietly one I will be making again along with her other desserts. 

Love from Cami 


  1. Uh, skal da helt klart have tjekket dem alle ud, kan bruge timer på youtube :D hehe.

    1. Årh, kan jeg virkelig også, haha :))