Sunday, 24 July 2016

Things I Want To Do This Summer

Hey everyone!
I may be late with this post and summer may be half over but there are still things
I want to do so here we go! Here are the things I want to do this summer.
I just graduated High School and I could not be happier! But it is also quite weird..
After this summer break I will not have to wake up early and go to school. I have
been doing that since I was six years old and now I don't have to. That is the
weirdest thing ever! This summer I have some things I want to do:

Figure out what I want to do - in general. What I want to study, what I want to do
with my life. Wow such a deep one to start off with, haha.
Write - Write on my blog, write stories, write whatever just as long as I write. I
absolutely love to write and want to do it more than I do so now is the time.
Have my friends over for a vegan dinner - This, I think, would be so much fun.
Eating vegan is so amazing and so incredibly delicious. 
Go thrift shopping in other cities - I love going to the thrift stores in my city but
it is just amazing entering another totally new thrift store. So many amazing things,
clothes and new ideas.
Read books in the sun - This was also on my list last year and because it is
amazing then of course I will be doing it this year too! (If we get any sun
though.. Doesn't look like it)
Have fun in the kitchen - Bake, cook, try new recipes, make new recipes. I love it.
Specially making (healthy) treats and desserts I can eat while watching a series or
a movie. Nothing better!

Tell me what you are doing this summer? I would love to hear it and get inspired!

Love from Cami 


  1. Great summer plans! Love the idea of a vegan dinner. I'm vegetarian but I've never cooked a whole vegan dinner before.
    Christina ♥

    1. Thank you! - You should try it. It is so delicious! :))

  2. I would love to go thrift shopping, getting vintage pieces sounds like lots of fun!

    My Vogue Style |

  3. I think you still have plenty of time to do those things!! I went thrift shopping in a different town today and it's so fun to see what other places have!