My TV Series Fashion Inspiration

This post is a lot different from what I am used to post but I thought it would be quite fun to see my style and what I like to wear.  
I don't know if you can call my style and wardrobe very ’fashion’ – but I guess everything is fashion. I don’t really follow any trends and if I do I usually put my own spin on it. I don’t really wear the whole black on black concept – it is just boring (sorry), but if you wear it and you love it, great. You do you, you go girl. It's just not me. I need color and life. I express myself with my clothes and therefore a colorful mind needs a colorful closet.

I find myself really fascinated and inspired by crazy colorful outfits and sometimes things I would not necessarily wear myself but it makes me think more creatively and find new combinations in my own closet.

Everything you see in these collages is, except for the shoes, from the thrift store or homemade. I made the overalls myself and you can see how to make them HERE (these are with shorts but you just keep the pants).

Now where do I get my inspiration? One answer is TV series! I love (re)watching these shows (and the movie) and I find myself being inspired every time. So, here is how I get my TV series dose of inspiration. + The movie:

Am I the only one who can watch 'Gossip Girl' again and again not only for the drama but also for the amazing outfits? I absolutely love it and you can totally get inspired for your own wardrobe. If you want to find colorful outfits then go to thrift stores. You will find gold. Well not literally gold, but you know...

I loved this show. Not only for the content but also the 80's yet cool style. This show has the fullest skirts and the prettiest colors. So if you want a funky color pop then this is what you will be watching the next few days.

Well of course if 'The Carrie Diaries' is on this list then this is too. You can not forget about the original Carrie. I would say that the style in 'Sex and The City' is (mostly) quite toned down (well we do have out crazy outfits too). Carrie (and the rest) is still THE icon through all these years.

This movie is so beautiful to watch and so is the clothes. I absolutely love the style of Louisa Clark. Colorful and filled with life. I also love the way patterns are mixed together. Definitely a movie I would watch again for the clothing, haha but of course also for the amazing story.

If you haven't watched the comedy 'New Girl' then what are you doing? It is an amazing show with the best laughs but also the best style. Jessica Day's personality is just as colorful and sweet as her clothes (and haven't we all looked at Zooey Deschanel and considered bangs?? I know I have..)

All of these amazing outfits were found on Google and some of them are from Pinterest (the inspo bomb, haha)

Love from Cami