Friday, 28 October 2016

Last Year's DIY Halloween Costumes

Hey everybody!
So, Halloween. The holiday where Americans and Canadians go absolutely crazy with
decorations and costumes. The rest of the world? Not so much, haha. At least here in
Denmark we do not really celebrate it which I think is soooo sad because for a
creative mind like mine it is so much fun to come up with costume ideas and have fun
with it. 
If you are still on the hunt for an easy and super creative costume then look no 
furtherbecause here I have my DIY costumes from last year. Enjoy!
If you need even more ideas then check out THIS post.

If this isn't last minute then I don't know what is.. well unless you just put on a
pajamas and say you're tired for Halloween (omg that's such a good idea, haha)
Well all you need for this is an orange top and some paint.
See how to make the costume HERE

Why not be an angel for Halloween because it is just sooo original #not. Well
it is easy to make and this would be an amazing couples costume with a devil.
Be a fallen angel by making this just in read. 
See how to make the costume HERE

Halloween is the time to be someone you are not and I am definitely NOT a runner,
haha. You do not even have to put on a number you can just throw on some workout
clothes and maybe some running shoes if you would like.
See how to 'make' the costume HERE

Be twitter for halloween because why the f not? You can even be any kind of social
media just adjust the colors of your items to the media you want to be. This is great
because people can write or 'tweet' on your shirt and you got a great reminder of
an awesome Halloween! Everyone is going to love it!
See how to make the costume HERE

Well, everyone is certainly going to absolutely love you because we live in 2016 where
people literally die inside if there is no wifi.. aaand this just took a sad turn but it's true.
So if you wanna be loved for Halloween then this is what you should be.
See how to make the costume HERE

Why not be a cereal killer for Halloween. A cereal killer not a serial killer.. that would
really kill the party. Wow not a funny joke... Pin some cereal boxes onto your dress
if you do not want to ruin your dress. You can also glue if you want. And also don't
take a real knife. Buy a toy one or make one yourself.
See how to make the costume HERE

If you have ever watched The Office then you might have seen the Halloween episode
where Jim dresses up as facebook and it is easy. Like, super easy. Just make sure not
to use a permanent maker or do it if you want, your choice, haha.
See how to 'make the costume HERE

Love from Cami