Recycling Tips: What And How?

So, I'm a big fan of recycling anything whether it being clothes, jars, shoe boxes, well.. literally anything. Since this is a big part of my life I thought I would share some of my tips on recycling. What do I recycle and how do I use it? Recycling is thinking creatively. Making something new out of something old. And as Effie Trinket says is 'Everything old can be made new again'

(Wine) Bottles
I love using bottles, especially wine bottles, in my decor. You can use then as vases or for candles and they just look pretty. If you want to you can even decorate the bottles like I did with book pages.

I love cleaning and using the jars from coconut oil because they have the perfect size. I use them as vases but also to store thing in. They are especially helpful in my DIY lair. But there are a million ways to use them. 

Toilet Paper Rolls
Toilet paper rolls can be used for so many things. I actually have a DIY on how to make a Christmas calendar with toilet paper rolls and you can find it right here. If you want to see many other ways to use the rolls then there is always Pinterest. DIY's from the pictures:
Bracelet Display: Here
Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrap: Here
Hidden Gift with M&M's and Toilet Paper Roll: Here
Wire and Cable Organizer: Here

Containers From Food Items
I love using these vanilla powder containers and other containers from spices for pearls and beads. To see what I have in the different containers I like to tape or glue the thing I have in the container on the top.. If that makes sense... So in the container I have on the picture are the white beads.

Shoe boxes and Ice Cream Containers
I have always absolutely loved shoe boxes because I love putting things in them specially my old filled diaries. Now I also use them in my creative lair for ribbons and stuff like that. They are a key to organization.

Whenever I have to paint or glue something I obviously need something to protect my table and using regular paper is just a waste so I get my papers from my grandparents #papersaresoout haha. 

And if you want to throw something away then go to a thrift store (unless it is ruined) - it may make someone else happy because one person's trash is another person's gold #oldiebutgoldie

Love from Cami