Monday, 5 December 2016

3 Healthy Christmas Snacks

Hey everybody!
So, we all know that Christmas is the ultimate time for the sweet tooth and who does
not love that? But what I love even more is the sweets tasting amazing and still be
healthy and good for you. So, I am going to throw it back to some of the best 
Christmas snacks I have posted on this blog. Here we go: 

These cacao bombs are perfect for the cacao lover! Make them for yourself or put
them in a sweet bag or tie some ribbon around them and give them to a friend.
They are going to love you even more.

These I believe are a Danish treat (just like the next one) and are actually 'just'
cornflakes and raisins (optional) coated in melted chocolate but in this post
I show you how to make your own chocolate with no refined sugar. So check it
out if you feel like it.

These small wonders are my ultimate Christmas treat! It is the Danish 
'havregrynskugle' and they are absolutely amazing. And believe me when I tell you
that these taste exactly like the real deal! No kidding. If you want to make 
something, make these!

Love from Cami 

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