Sunday, 18 December 2016

DIY Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hey everybody!
I have actually never made this many homemade gifts like I have this year
(believe it or not) so here I have some ideas for you so you can make your own 
for family and friends. Easy and affordable. I love a good homemade gift 
because you get to be creative and really think of something the person will

Personalize a candle by finding a quote that fits perfectly with the person you want
to treat and put it on a candle. You can even put on a sweet little message which
will definitely put a smile on their face.

If there is something that everyone will love it is a frame with a picture or you
and your friend/family. you can really decorate the frame however you would
like. You can also make this easy flower frame.

Back when I had my good ol' long hair I made this amazing flower hair piece
which you can make for a friend. Find some fake flowers at a thrift store and
glue them onto a barrette.

You can easily personalize this for a friend to help them be organized. Decorate
the frame however you want and put in a sweet memory. You can also write a
quote or a sweet message on the glass. They will love it!

Here is another flower DIY but just as cute. This is a ring where I glued on a fake
flower and I love the result. Perfect for a ring lover. But you can really glue
anything on a ring so get creative with it.

There are so many DIY's on headbands out on the internet and here is a lace
headband I made this year. This is perfect for the headband lover (so if your
friend was Blair Waldorf a headband could not be more perfect, haha).

My ultimate favorite gift ever is this '52 Reasons Why I Love You' which is so
easy to make yet so personal. All you really need is some playing cards and then
some reasons why you love the person. 

Love from Cami 

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