Friday, 30 December 2016

Favorite books of 2016

Hey everyone!
So, as some of you may know I set a challenge to read all of the books on my 
bookshelf that I haven't read. And if I do not want to read them in 2016 then I do not
want to read them ever - so they are out. I have thrown out a looot of books this year
but those who are currently on my shelf, I have managed to read. It is so cool to know
that all of them are read. 
My Goodreads challenge was 50 books and I have managed to read 58 so far so that's
quite cool and here are my favorites: 

I have actually already posted a post about this book so if you want to know what I
think about it then click here. All I can say is that I loved this book but I actually
had one problem with it.. so.. still one of my favorites of 2016

Fun, cringy and cool. That's Bridget Jones and I absolutely love her. She is so
much fun and you laugh and smile with her. And if you have not watched the new
movie then do it. I laughed the whole time. You cannot not love Bridget Jones just
the way she is.

This is one of the only books or series were I did not hate the love triangle. I think,
for me, the love interest for the main character works and I also loved the storyline.
'Destroy Me' is actually on my Christmas list this year and if I get it or not I cannot
wait to read it!

I absolutely LOVED 'Me Before You' and I enjoyed 'After You'. It was in my opinion
not as good but it wasn't terrible as I was afraid of because that sometimes happens
with sequels. But I really enjoyed reading what happened with Louisa Clark and I
really hope they make it into a movie..

Hex Hall was such a fun and cute read and everything my inner teenager loved.
It has forbidden love, crazy people and a lot of action aka the ideal teenage book.
It kind of reminds me a little bit of Vampire Academy but if I am being honest
not nearly as good.. If I had read this maybe 5-6 years ago it would be my

Harry Potter - The Ultimate Favorite
What is a favorites list without Harry Potter? And why on earth haven't I read
this before?? A question I have asked myself a lot. Well now I have and I really
get the love for Harry Potter. They are absolutely amazing and I don't think I have
to write what they are about.

Love from Cami 

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