How To: Keep A Diary With Your Friend

Hey everybody!
The other day my friend had a brilliant idea. Since we have graduated High School we go our separate ways - Which obviously means that we won't see and talk to each other every day. So to stay updated on each other's lives my friend had this idea...
Have any of you seen the vampire diaries season 6? Well if you have then you know that (spoiler) Elena is in this kind of coma thingy and to make the others feel like she is still there she says that they should write everything down so that when she wakes up she can read it and it would feel as if she was with them..

So that's what we are doing.. well without one of us being in a magic coma.. but we each have a notebook and then we write to each other like if it was a letter. Then when we have enough written down we switch and then read what the other has been up to - if that makes any sense.
You will obviously write at a different speed and that's okay. Don't force yourself to write everything but also push yourself if you are one of those who can't keep a diary for that long. And to be hones this is more fun to do.

Write about what you want. What do you want to tell the other person about? Thoughts. Events. Ideas. Whatever you want.

In a diary you would normally start with something like 'dear diary' but instead of doing that address it to you friend (again like a letter) so for example 'dear your friends name' or 'hey your friends name'

You can also just have 1 notebook you just switch between however many friends you want to journal with. 

Love from Cami