So.. What Do You Even Eat??

Since going vegan, eating no refined sugar and mostly no gluten people ALWAYS ask me what I eat and if I even eat anything and YES I do! I eat the most delicious food you could imagine and that inspired me to do this series called 'So.. What Do You Even Eat??' where I am going to share pictures, recipes and inspiration. 
I haven't quite figured out how many I will share in each post but it also depends on the recipe. If I need to write a lot, so we will see. Anyways this is the first post so let's just get into the deliciousness!

 Pasta With Cheese Sauce
One of my favorite things to eat is pasta and one day I thought about using the 'cheese' sauce we had in the fridge as a pasta sauce and yum it is amazing!! This is a cheese I have posted on the blog before for nachos and you can find the recipe here.

Avocado Spinach Pesto Pasta
Another pasta dish. And this time it is a pesto I just created as I was going along. It is super easy and all you need is: 1 avocado, 1 glove of garlic, Juice of 1/4 lemon, 2-3 handful spinach. Blend the ingredients together and mix with pasta.

Pasta With Chickpea 'Meat' Sauce
And here is yet another pasta dish and this might be my favorite! I have always loved meat sauce and I love this even more. I cannot wait to make this again and I will.. soon. Find the recipe here.
As you can see I like to top my pasta off with fresh veggies. I always top off with spinach and I also like to add tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.

Love from Cami