Sunday, 12 February 2017

Display Your Inspirational Pictures

Hey everybody!
So, at the start of this year I printed out some pictures of things that makes me happy 
and things that inspire me. Therefore I wanted to make this post about how you can 
display the things you get inspired by. 
I have always switched up how I displayed my pictures and I have made quite a few
DIY's on the blog so here are just some of them which you can really get creative with:

Gallery wall
I have always reall loved the gallery wall decoration but I have never really liked how
it turned out for me but I wanted to give it another shot and I love it! The key is to 
keep a theme and have a couple of colors you use for frames. I like the brown and the
gold together.

Have more clipboards hanging and you will have a sleek and modern look. You
can even decorate the clipboards however you would like. I really like the natural 
look. Just like always, you decide how you want it to look - now isn't that just

This would look so cool wih a huge canvas and maybe a more neutral fabric or 
even like the clipboards, have a lot of them hanging and then pin pictures onto 
them. I would love to have a huge canvas hanging over my desk to keep me
This is a very affordable way to display the pictures you find inspiring and it looks 
pretty damn cute if I say so myself. Hang the branch as close to the wall as you can
so the pictures won't move to much from side to side and even turn their back to
you (how dare they??)

Love from Cami 

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