Thursday, 9 March 2017

DIY's To Help Organize Your Life

Hey everybody!
First off: Warning! This post contains super old posts and I kinda cringe and I 
kinda want to delete them and do them all over again but what's the fun in that?
If you are an unorganized human being... or an unorganized alien - no discrimination 
here - then this post is perfect because I have made some DIY's in the past that helps 
with that organization shit. Urgh, sometimes I wish I was this super organized person 
who just has their shit together, ya know... (but let's be real who has their shit 

This is perfect for the 'to do list'-person because well.. you can use it for your to do 
lists and then when you want to make a new one you just erase the shit outta it and 
voila - a blank glass yet again. So if you are one of those who has shit to do then 
just click HERE to see how it is done.

Make a calendar because why the fuck not? I think we all know what a calendar 
does and why it is helpful so I'm just going to link it HERE and then you can click 
on it if ya feel like it. 

Do you have fruit lying around everywhere? (lol) Do you have jewellery (how the f 
do u even spell that word?) lying around everywhere? Then make this to keep it 
organized (you can use this for literally anything..) - it is cute and easy to make. It, 
of course, doesn't have to be so big. Find smaller plates at the thrift store and let's 
get gluing! Link to it HERE

Who does not look into their closet to get dressed and l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y has nothing to 
wear. It is like your brain stops functioning as soon as you open your closet and it 
is just like bruh.. Well if you make these you can plan your outfits so you will never 
have to stress in the morning because of a clothes crisis  See how to make them 
right HERE

.... Editing, camera angle and focus on point here, huh? 
There are soooo many jar DIY's to hold your brushes n' shit out there in the 
terrifying world and if you need something for cotton swabs, cotton pads or anything 
like that then this DIY is perfect because you choose how high you want it to be. 
(before you decorate it then put a piece of tape around and over the edge if you are 
afraid it is going to cut you - I haven't experienced that even though I am super 
clumsy) - Check out how to make these with soda cans HERE

Love from Cami 

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