Monday, 6 March 2017

The Good Girl

Hey everybody!
So, it has been a while since I posted my last book related post. But, well, better late
than never isn't that what they say? 'The Good Girl by Mary Kubica is about Mia
who goes home with a stranger, Colin, because her on and off boyfriend did not show
up at the bar where they were supposed to meet. But going home with Colin was a
mistake. Because he has a job to do. And that, is to kidnap Mia. The only problem
is that he cannot go through with it so he decides to hide her in a cabin. But what
now? They can't stay there forever.. Can they?

So what do I think of this book? 
I am not the biggest thriller fan.. or of anyhing scary really. This one I had no problem
with because it was not like I was sitting at the edge of my seat while reading this.
Sure, it had an interesting plot but there wasn't a wow factor. And I think one of the
reasons for that was that we know, from the start, that Mia survives and gets home
- and that kind of takes the tension out of it.

Why only three stars?
This book has multiple perspectives. Not only two, but four. Mia, her mother, the
detective and Colin. And not only that but it also switches between before/after.
Before she was kidnapped and after she was kidnapped. That's a hell of a lot to keep
track of...
When I was done with the book I had a lot of questions and I don't really know if
I am okay with that, yeah you get to make up your own mind but there was just
certain things I wanted answered.. 

Have you read this book? 

Love from Cami 

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