Wednesday, 19 April 2017

3 DIY Vloggers To Watch Right Now

Hey everybody!
As a DIY blogger I also watch a lot of other vloggers/bloggers to get inspiration and 
just to look for cool shit I can do. I love making things myself. And I also love to do 
it without having to document it because, well, it's nice to sometimes do it because 
it's fun and I like it (not that I don't think it's fun to blog it but I also use it to relax 
and me-time). 

I have made a ton of their DIY's from clothing to room decor.. everything and they 
make it so easy and make you ask yourself: 'Why wouldn't I make this myself??' which
is awesome! And they prove that you can do ANYTHING yourself which is pretty 
amazing. You go girls!

I found Annika recently and I fell in love with her channel and spent a day just binge 
watching all of her videos and making a list of things I was going to try... that's a 
bit.. crazy. But they are all so good!! And easy. And she proves that everybody can sew!
I am so bad at it yet because she makes it so easy with amazing instructions I can do it!

Thrifted transformation is one of my favorite things to watch on youtube. It just 
shows that literally anything you find or have can be upcycled to something 
awesome! You might not have the exact pieces that she use but you can definitely 
still get inspiration and even make it yourself.

Love from Cami


  1. Nice to meet these girls and their blogs ๐Ÿ˜„

    1. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)