After Clearing Your Clutter - What Now?

So a few weeks back I posted THIS post on how to clear your clutter and I promised an update and a few tips so here we go. As I said, the book has changed my life and I am now going to share with you how. 

Why? What has changed after:
I don't randomly buy things anymore just because it is cheap or just because I have room for it. Do I need it? Am I in love with it? are the questions I ask myself. If you are out shopping for clothes for example then do not buy it unless you want to wear it immedietly.

I have so much more energy and this is also something she talks about in the book. All the things you have lying around eveywhere are energies. And if there is much of it (too much) then it takes all of your energy and you become kind of locked with no ideas. It can make you tired, disorganised and reduce your happiness. In my room there is this lighther feel and I have way more energy than I had before. It is so weird that mess has such an impact on your life.

Reduced my need to buy.
I don't end up with things I bought 'just because' that are just going to end up in a bag to the thift store again. My buying and 'shopping' habits have changed and now when I go (thrift) shopping I only buy what I need or if I have the feeling that I just need it, like really really need and want to buy (hard to explain). You save money, time and energy!

When I buy things I make sure that:
1. I love it!
2. I really need it - Ask yourself what you need it for before buying it.
3. Make sure it works with my lifestyle and aesthetic.
For example: When I buy clothes I make sure that it goes with my wadrobe. (Make a couple of outfits with the item in your head) and have the feeling of wanting to wear it immedietly!

When you go out to buy something and you have a slight doubt about whether or not to buy it - then don't, because you should only buy it if you really love it If it dosen't represent you and what you like then out it goes! Everything you own should have a function whether it being something you can use or it making you happy.

If you want to know more even more about decluttering and all that then I just want to link to Muchelleb's channel where she had a 30 day simplyfy your life challenge which is all about decluttering. Both physical and mental decluttering.

Love from Cami