Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Blueberry Frosting | Collab W. Simplyindigoo

Hey everyboday!
It is time for another collab with the amazing Mich from Simply Indigoo and if you
haven't checked out our first collab then just click right here - we made two bomb 
ass pestos. This time we wanted to satisfy the sweet tooth and therefore we decided 
to make a cupcake. On my blog you will find an amazing blueberry frosting recipe 
and then a delicious muffin on hers - just click right here to check it out!

Blueberry vanilla frosting:
2dl soaked cashews
1 tsp vanilla powder
1 dl defrosted blueberries
6-7 pitted dates
1 dl thick coconut milk

Just blend the ingredients together and with a pipe bag, pipe them on to the muffins.
(let's not talk about how bad I am.. - hers look waaay better than mine...)

Love from Cami

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